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Mod Request: Writable Books


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Playing on a multiplayer server, writable books are notably missing from the game. With no easy way to rename items (without chiselling them), and even then, they don't show as the renamed item in an inventory. For product based player shops, we can write prices on signs, but it quickly ends up as sign-spam. There's currently  no way of implementing a service-based player shop, other than just writing on lots of signs to contact on Discord or other 3rd party software to negotiate the job, and price. Has anyone worked on a writable books mod yet? Paper made from papyrus, a quill whittled from a feather with a knife... that kind of thing.

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It's interesting, and definitely something I'll look into. We're running a private whitelisted server for Content Creators, and the economy works on an honour system, similar to you'd see on the large-scale content creator MC servers, like SourceBlock, or HermitCraft. To give an example, I'd like to open a shop offering my services with Chisel and Bits. Ideally, I'd write a book with instructions, and place that in a chest, with another book, and a quill, so people can write their orders. It's also invaluable for creating mini-games, running events, thanking patrons/subscribers, and for generally writing down information on-screen; future plans for base building, etc.

Writable books have so many purposes in game that without them, it's massively difficult to interact with other server members in any meaningful way, when we're not online together. We have time zone issues, with people being in different countries. Even in a single-player world, I'd use it for writing down information about the area, with map co-ords to future base plans, or just a journal of my game so far. It's a massively important part of the game.

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Not promising anything, but I am looking into how I can get the renderer to render title and first page etc. So here is hoping we have writeable books soon. 🤷‍♂️






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