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Some questions for the devs or players

Smoogle s.

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So I saw this game through searching survival games and I feel this game might have those things I'm looking for that I enjoy in a few games (some aren't survival games)


1. Animal crossing -  I love catching bugs and fishing, i really enjoy how different things appear in the seasons. Is there any bug capturing/fishing ? Can I make a lake and plop a fish in there and have them breed?

2. Kenshi -  I love how this game has random caravans of NPC traveling the world with their goods, I love seeing wandering factions and sometimes picking the loot off of the dead corpses..I know through watching some minecraft mods have NPC towns, some have raiding, I just like the idea of randomly finding a town or the NPC remembering me if i stole something or did something good (fable style)


so those are my  only questions before buying the game..also is there a road map?

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3 hours ago, Smoogle s. said:

Is there any bug capturing/fishing ? Can I make a lake and plop a fish in there and have them breed

1. - There is not bug capturing, nor fishing, YET.   There are a large variety of butterflies, you just can't catch them.  Fishing will come eventually.   Seasons will be in the update-after-next.

2. - The traders are currently the only npcs, though eventually there will be more.  They do not travel currently.   They'll remember for awhile if you attacked them, and they'll hunt you down relentlessly.   But they forget eventually.   Even if you do kill them though, you can't loot their wagon.  Killing and looting npcs isn't what the game is about.

Road map, yes: https://www.vintagestory.at/roadmap.html/  Fishing didn't make it in there, for some reason, but it is planned.  There's still a ton yet to do.

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hi @Smoogle s. and welcome.  These are my impressions as a player who bought the game 2 weeks ago.

There is a Roadmap.   The pace of development is quite fast - recently there's been a new version released approximately every 1-2 weeks. I would say there have been 8 significant new features added to the game since January 1 2020.   So it's reasonable to expect the developers will deliver most of the elements on the roadmap.  To judge from recent forum posts they are currently working on Seasons.

If you like Animal Crossing - the aspects of this game you will probably enjoy are the detailed and well-thought out crop farmingbee-keeping and animal raising.  One of the special features of Animal Crossing is that it makes achieving some goals a hard enough challenge that you feel rewarded when you get there - it's one of those games that makes you feel "rich" once you get everything working properly.  Vintage Story is similar - you go from a struggle to find enough to eat on the first days, to having a field full of crops and a cellar full of good food, properly preserved.   But note, there are many ways to die in Vintage Story, in the standard game it's quite challenging to survive.  You can choose between game types, if you want more challenge or less challenge.

Differences from Animal Crossing - this game is extremely immersive, it's very easy to feel you are living in the game world and doing the things.  But that's OK, because it's a beautiful game world to live in.  Though on standard settings, it is scary at night, and scary when you go too deep.  One of the best features is the weather - it has extremely realistic weather effects.  The rain sounds are so realistic that I can almost feel drips of water on my hands, and yesterday I could swear I smelled that rain smell after it rained in the game.


Is there any bug capturing?

There are no bugs to capture, currently.  There are butterflies, and sometimes fireflies at night, but you cannot interact with these, only look at them and marvel at how good they look (they move extremely realistically).  There are mobs called 'locusts' but these are found very deep and cannot be captured, they are more like cave spiders.   Currently you can domesticate (tame): chickens, wild boar, and bighorn sheep - taming any of these takes a lot of in-game time, you have to breed tamer versions, chickens are the easiest.   The game also has: hares, foxes, raccoons, and wolves - these can be captured, they can be killed, but they cannot be tamed.  Each animal has a baby version and all the baby versions are cute - they look different and move differently.  (Actually I didn't see a baby fox yet?)

More wildlife is on the roadmap.  There are also several mods and more in the pipeline - mostly in keeping with the spirit and style of the vanilla game.


Can I make a lake and plop a fish in there and have them breed?

You can make a lake but it would be a slow task (1 bucket at a time!) and it's not clear why you would want to make a lake - you are in a vast, and varied, realistic game world so you can just walk to a region which has lakes, if you want a lake.   You can swim underwater and there is pondweed/seaweed, it looks good and the swimming motion is super-nice, but there are currently no fish.  Fish are certainly planned on the roadmap, and there is already a Bass food item so that's a clue....  I don't know about fish breeding, we'll have to wait and see.

You can make an orchard filled with flowers, and plop a beehive in there and have the bees breed.  This is delightful, and gives you honey (and beeswax).


Kenshi -  I love how this game has random caravans of NPC traveling the world with their goods

Vintage Story has immobile "Traders", who live in wooden houses which look like they could be caravans / wagons.  They will buy and sell items, some useful, some not so much!  They move around only inside their own houses, and hmm and hah a bit, but otherwise they are static (currently).  There are no towns and no moving NPCs, currently.  "Villages, Trading, trade goods and dynamic market pricing" is on the Roadmap, and if it doesn't come soon then it's the type of thing a modder could make.


The main things I would say about this game are:

  • it's delightful, every aspect is beautiful to look at and carefully thought about
  • the game world is spectacular, with realistic geology and micro-climates, and therefore very varied  (but you have to travel far - maybe a real-world hour of travelling - if you want to see an example of everything, for example there is a type of tree that can't be found until you walk something like 8000 blocks from where you spawn)
  • it has a superficial similarity to Minecraft, because it's a Voxel game and some of the game systems are even similar (for example, breaking leaves drops saplings) - but it's not Minecraft, it's actually a better game in most ways, much richer visually, and it has much more survival challenge than Minecraft.  In VS you actually have to think about what you are doing and figure stuff out.  It's interesting to go back to Minecraft after playing this for a week, and compare - it makes Minecraft look like a game for little kids (which I guess it is ...)
  • you can design and build any house and garden you can imagine - there is a huge wealth of building resources
  • the game has a great community, great support for modders and people are starting to come out with some interesting mod content already - it feels like early days Minecraft when there were some talented people modding, and many possibilities
  • some of the in-game systems are a pain - so to make certain mid-game objects you need to do Clay Forming, which requires you (the player) to construct the item out of small blocks of clay, it's OK the first time but annoying when you need to make more of the same item as there is no short-cut - most players do this during the in-game night time, when you can't do too much else
  • if you like a survival type game where farming, foraging and food production are important, then you will probably enjoy this


It's certainly an affordable game to buy, and the developers offer a generous refund policy if you don't like it after you bought it.

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