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Linux Save Folder


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My husband has Linux installed on his computer and when we try to open the "Save Folder", in the game, the game crashes.

We went to my computer with Windows 10 and found the folder no problem.

When we go through the directories on both our computers, my computer has the Save Folder and his does not! However, he has games that are saved and he plays them no problem.

The thing is, we want to copy the game to my computer.

Can anyone tell us where the Save Folder is in Linux?

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This is the reply I received, thank you so much Copygirl!! :)

7 hours ago, copygirl said:

Sorry. This is an issue I reported to Tyron a long time ago but he was likely flooded by all other kinds of issues at the time, so it was forgotten. (I also can't use those buttons that open folders.) The safe folder is located in your user home folder under `.config/VintagestoryData`. Not sure how experienced you are, so just in case: You may have to enable showing hidden files to be able to see the `.config` folder.

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Game chrashes on Linux when you Open save game file location because some linux distro lose the default file manager association so IF he is runding Ubuntu / Mint up to 20 the way to solve it, is to open a terminal and type the command below:



in the window navigate to utilitis and make sure to have the file manager be nautilus or something that works ok on you-re installed linux. Mine by default was left blank and the game chrashed due to it not finding a file manager association .  The FAULT here it's not with the game ... but with the system . 

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