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The Mega Survial Update (v1.4.2)


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Hardcore Survial Vintarians
Version 1.4.2 is ready for download in the account manager.

This update one of a few major updates that drastically changes initial survial gameplay experience. Our plan is to elongate the stone and copper age and offer more interesting mechanics during this time period.

Game Updates

  • Feature: Waving Grass! Dust particles in warm and wet climates!
    • Can be disabled or reduced in the graphics settings
  • Feature: Clay Forming
    • Right click + sneak with a piece of clay in hands creates a clay forming surface
    • Left click with clay in hand to remove clay voxels, right click to place voxel
    • Hit 'F' with clay in hand and looking at the clay forming surface to select how many clay voxels to place/remove
  • Feature: Sitting. Hit 'G' to sit down
    • Highly suggested while clay forming, otherwise very fiddly to form right now
  • Feature: Fire
    • Sneak + hold down right mouse button with a torch to ignite a block
  • Feature: Stones are now throwable to cause a small amount of damage to entities
  • Feature: Charcoal production
    • A firewood pile with a firepit on top now turns into charcoal pit
    • If a charcoal pit is created and deprived of oxygen within 15 seconds all firewood piles will turn into charcoal after 18 ingame hours
    • If the charcoal pit is expoed to air at any point the whole pile will burn down and no charcoal is created
  • Feature: Tool Casting
    • Using the new clay forming system one can now create tool mods and cast copper and bronze tools directly without the need to smith them first. Currently only the axe and pickaxe can be created through this way.
  • Feature: Pumpkin crop
    • Custom, realistic growing behavior unlike other crops
    • Rare find in seed vessels found in ruins
  • Feature: Ore/Tool Mining Tiers
    • Player can now only break ores if their pickaxe has a high enough tier
  • Feature: Surface Ores
    • Shallow ore veins now spawn surface ores that can be picked up like stones
  • Feature: Torch burnout. Ditched old torch crafting recipe.
    • Torches now burn out after 48 ingame hours
    • They can now be created by placing sticks in the firepit 
  • Feature: Oil Lamps
    • Replaces the torch as the permanent light source
    • Crafted from bowls (made by the new clay forming system) and animal fat, which drops from wolves
  • Feature: Storage Space tweaks
    • Chest now holds 16 items instead of 12
    • Stationary basket made from reeds that holds 8 items. 
  • Feature: No more stone pickaxe \o/
    • You have to create your first pickaxe by collecting surface ores and performing tool casting
  • Feature: New Music track "Through the Grass at night"
  • Feature: Fast Graphics Mode is now really fast by downsampling the scene. Reorganized graphics settings.
  • Tweak: Optimize Startup. Loading a single or multiplayer world should now happen up to 20 seconds faster
  • Tweak: Half transparent rendering tweaks to reduce glitchy rendering effects
  • Tweak: More Natural Rock Strata transitions
  • Tweak: Block breaking particles now disappear at at random times and glow if their parent block is glowing.
  • Tweak: A tweak to reduce occurences where caves break through bodies of water
  • Fixed: Frustum Culling disabled, causing the graphics card to render way more than it needed to (=big fps hit)
  • Fixed: Modloader asset loading not working under linux
  • Fixed: Raw clay not burnable to hardened clay, raw clay bricks not burnable to burned bricks.
  • Fixed: Creatures stuck in water at times
  • Fixed: Drifter despawning right in front of the player
  • Fixed: Last serious bug in the animation system. Animations now play correctly \o/
  • Fixed: Shot arrow position desync
  • Fixed: Sun/Moon Stutter when walking
  • Fixed: /wgen del not removing entities
  • Fixed: Able to stack up arbitrary items on top of wood piles
  • Fixed: Ingot/Plate/Wood piles not dropping their contents if the block below them was broken
  • Fixed: [API] Entity texture 'order-of-precedence' not properlry respected 


New Recipes

Clay Forming


Charcoal production steps
2017-08-20_18-19-41.png.fff25eb3d68da1d1b630d0ba7fb38a9f.png 2017-08-20_18-19-49.png.21b7c8f965907fd193e5bae4ec17c18d.png 2017-08-20_18-19-58.png.c407cf4d553ef641e8a4b0b52a015a91.png 2017-08-20_18-20-11.png.a1f8989b17da0479b119aa48370143b6.png 2017-08-20_18-20-57.png.1ce4ce073c04514e1ba1ec4897bf76ac.png

Tool Casting

Pumpkin Crop

Surface Ores

Oil Lamp and Basket

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