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[1.13.4] Vinegar - Now with real vinegar!


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Vinegar can be made from fruit that has been left in a barrel for a while. For the game I use brine because that is what is used to pickle things in the game already. There are two recipes, first you can leave a stack of fruit in a barrel for 4 weeks and get 10 portions of vinegar. The second recipe allows you to take some that you have already made and adding it ontop of a stack of fruit to accelerate the production, this one only takes 1 week.




1.2 - Adjusted amount required, 6 fruit : 1 vinegar allows making smaller batches

1.1 - Vinegar is now a separate thing rather than using brine




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Very nice, fitting addition to the game. A useful application of excess berries as well, especially with seasons coming. Brine is not vinegar ofc, and it may be nice if they would both get different purposes instead of them being interchangeable. Imagine them being specifically used to add to the shelf life of various food types and combined application resulting in the maximum shelf life, dependent on the type of food, and sealing ofc.

Hope this mechanic will be part of the vanilla game some day.

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Yes, I thought it would be a useful and was a realistic use for excess berries. Had some more time today and I have made vinegar its own thing rather than using brine. Currently it is used for the same recipes as brine for pickling foods with the same required duration.

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Quite a good idea;

But - according to my research,
AAB (Acetic acid bacteria) - actually NEED Oxygen to do their work.

[Ignoring the need to have such a organism - already growing in/on the fruit, but sometimes they are found on 'damaged' fruit already...]

And its usually; Sugar and/or Ethanol  that is converted to Acetic Acid.

(The more the better)


Exemplary mod BTW.👌

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  • Korhaka changed the title to [1.13.4] Vinegar - Now with real vinegar!

Mod works fine on 1.13.4 without any changes so I have not released a new version, just updated title to show that it does still work.


As far as the bacteria needing oxygen, yeah that is true, although I don't think it would be reasonable to create a new block just to reword seal to cover or something like that. It has to be abstracted out to some degree to better fit with what we currently have to work with. Really what you would do is put it in the barrel and have it covered to prevent insects getting in, rather than an airtight seal. These bacteria are usually in the air anyway, the whole reason you use an airlock when brewing is to prevent oxygen getting in and ending up with vinegar.

Partly why I added the fast recipe is because the vinegar already has some of the bacteria in it and so will speed up the process for making more. 

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