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Is there a version pattern for world compatibility


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As the game gets better and better there is an increased need to keep the worlds of older versions. I know that the world generation will be frequently enhanced and that the world generation features are tweaked for game balance. But I think knowing which worlds should be compatible is helpful for testing too. And maybe there might be a specific auto-conversion feature in place that need testing too.

Is there a versions pattern for which game versions the worlds are expected to be compatible or auto-convertible? (e.g. all 1.x versions)

If such a pattern is known, it could be considered by the installer script to automatically copy the worlds from the old version to the new version.


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Yea, please just automatically assume that all new versions are compatible with old worlds for the time being. Everything else is likely a bug that you should report unless specified in the news.

There is already an auto-conversion feature inside the engine for old formats and it was already use once to be able to upgrade old worlds from over a year ago.

In the short term there are no plans to break old world files. The only thing that should change is that certain new worldgen features won't exist in old chunks. The next major upgrade to worldgen is probably altering the random climate patterns into something more TFC like where z=10.000 is temperate, z=20.000 is cold and z=0 is hot climate. If we do that, I will try not to break old worlds by leaving in the old world generator and putting that one as default. (in fact i will probably keep letting the user choose which kind of climate pattern they want)

I myself really disliked the constant breaking of old game worlds in minecraft, so I take this issue very personally. 

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