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What is it?

I have seen the landing page of the website with the game's overall description and the roadmap.
"Progress through the ages" seems to be the only mention of any kind of goal in the game.
If that is indeed the plan then the overall structure of the game can be considered "done". No endgame, no further challenges, just creative building with more and more materials for the sake of doing so.
The overall gameplay very much follows the Minecraft mold with it's absence of any notable threat.

The FAQ explains that "Vintage Story strives to be a survival and exploration game" but survival doesn't look that hard unless you're playing gung-ho and do silly things. (as I usually do)
Once you have a torch and stone tools you can survive and explore forever, eating cooked meat and cat's tails as you go.

The temporal storms are a hint at something that isn't 100% theme park gameplay but they are also designed to not pose any challenge at all. You stand on a 3-high pillar of dirt and wait because combat doesn't really work with the distorted vision so in their current implementation the storms are only enforced AFK time.
Other than a random wolf or monster nothing is actively coming after you and requiring you to deal with it. Instead you either build a 2-high dirt wall or simply walk away.

I'm not trying to rip on the game - just genuinely curious on the general direction. 😃

Are there any plans to add "harder biomes" that you have to gear up for? Any tactical or strategic threat to your base/progression? Regions so temporally unstable that it requires specific gear/armor to exploit their unique resources?
Or in other words: Will there be a gameplay reason for wanting to do all this progression, something that feeds back into the exploration aspect of the game?

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What sort of challenges do you want? Can't make the game more challenging at the beginning because that would create a steeper learning curve for new players. If you've mastered the game, try playing without pillaring. There's been some work on dungeons, but I can't yet tell you what's in them.

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