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DIY server requirements?

James Lawrence

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Hello all, some friends and myself are thinking of getting into VS, and I wanted to host a server. I've hosted several other game servers over the years so nothing new there, however I can't find any info on the hardware recommended for it.

Minecraft is heavy single threaded so lots of cores doesn't help as much, so stuff like that.


Anyone know if faster vs more cores, or any sort of info on that? I'd like to eventually get more people on the server than just us. I've got servers laying around and I'm hoping they'll get the job done.


Will be hosting with Linux btw.


Thanks in advance.

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A VS server should run notably better than a Minecraft server on the same hardware. It is still getting somewhat bottlenecked by single threaded performance when 20+ players are online, but we also don't have much data on high player volume servers.

I wrote some specs to the bottom of this page now: https://www.vintagestory.at/selfhosting/



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