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Mechanical Power Issues - Large Gear

Chemical Hazard

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Hello Team, 

First time posting...so I'm trying to make a good bug report. 

I've been playing on a save for 70 some odd hours now, and got to start to venture into Mechanical power. I -thought- I set it up right, I've read through the forums, wiki's, the youtoobs just to kinda get a knack on it to address this, so this is kinda the culmination of a few days of my head being beaten against a wall. 


I will be attaching a creative demo world as well in 1.13.4 that I created an example in. 

The bug basically goes like this: 

I have a power train setup (Rotor>Axel>Gear>Axel x20-30>Large Gear>Gear >Power trains out to Querns / Helvehammer set ups. (Seen in the demo world) 

The problem occurs from whenever anything is engaged off the Large gear (so output can be split) the whole system locks up. Remove the gear, replace with a single small gear and all the jank goes away.

Logs and example world attached.

chemicalhazards WhywindmillWHY.zip Logs.zip

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1 hour ago, redram said:

Yes the large gear has some issues, it's a known problem.  Hopefully it can get fixed soon, but I don't have an eta.

Thank you very much for your response, redram. I've seen you in a lot of the forum posts I've gone through with a lot of helpful tips, debugging information and so forth so I'm thankful that you got back to me so quickly! 

I'm really digging this so far, and if there's anything I can do to assist in tracking this down, I'm happy to help.


From an observational standpoint, I used clutches in the demo world to change the drive train states, there's a clear animation lag/change that happens with the drivetrain when the clutch is engaged from moving to not. The side behavior of this is the RPMs to the axels go phenomenally fast as opposed to single gear norms.  This raises my thought process to wonder if its too many actions per tick on updating other attached blocks. As seen in the demo, it will work, at high RPMs from anywhere to .01 seconds to 2 or 3 seconds before freezing in place abruptly. Youtube video of it in action

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