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Drying in leatherworking

Jaroslav Šváha

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I've been playing the game for a bit now and enjoying the everyday tasks, though I wish some of them didn't skip over some steps.

One of those is hanging your skins on a drying rack for some time.
The process of making leather could look like this then:
1. Soak the skins in limewater
2. Scrape the skins with a knife
3. Dry the skins on a rack
4. Seal the skins in weak tannin
5. Dry the skins on a rack
6. Seal the skins in strong tannin
EDIT: (Optional 7. Dry the finished leather before using it)

The times needed for sealing could be reduced so the overall time to create leather would stay the same, or similiar.
Ambient temperature could also affect how fast the skins dry.

A drying rack could also be created from only sticks, or maybe sticks and dry grass.

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29 minutes ago, junawood said:

I really like this, though I'm not sure if it would make it too complicated or too much work for some people.

I do agree that leatherworking probably is one area of the game that doesn't need to be more convoluted.

However I do believe that after travelling the lands for 3 irl hours searching for limestone deposit, this would make little difference, especially since it requires no hard to get material, you can just create racks once and be done with it, and it would give life to your tanning shop, cause right now it just looks like a barrel warehouse.

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32 minutes ago, junawood said:

Yup, it would be a really nice addition. But I'm also one of those people who have absolutely no problem exploring the world for even far more than 3 hours to find lime. :D

I can see why. I'm the kind of person who likes to make an authentic settlement, with a mansion, and small huts for leatherworking, metalworking, grinding, surrounded a wooden pallisade and strips of farmland 😅

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Leatherworking is kind of a balancing act between realism and playability.   Be happy that the leather curing does not take almost a year as it did irl before the advent of modern chromic tanning agents, and which *somebody* pushed for initially!  Even as it is, it's a pretty time-consumptive process.   That said, I believe there's plans for a scraping mechanic similar to how TFC did it originally.  And there may also be an elaboration on the final step of getting the leather pieces.  These two steps would be pretty interactive, and so more engaging than just more stages where the player just waits, which is already a lot of leather making.

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I think I would like this purely for the aesthetics, but if this was to be implemented, probably best to reduce some of the barrel soaking time so the overall time it takes to make leather stays mostly the same.

I'm just making my first batch of leather and I'm already sick of how long it takes lol.

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