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Any liquid transfer at less than a bucketful?


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So I'm finally processing my first leather. But the ratio of required ingredients is such that I need to have a certain number of starting pelts available. 

So far as I know (which isn't necessarily much) the bucket is the only way to transfer liquids.

Is there anything else?

Take care,


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Setting up your barrel with limewater and tannin:
With bucket selected in your hotbar:

and holding STRG and clicking (right click) on Barrel will take out 1L of water (or 0,25L of honey) and put it into the bucket.

and holding SHIFT and clicking (right click) on Barrel will put into the barrel 1L water (or 0,25L honey).

just right clicking with bucket selecte in hotbar will transfer all content of bucket to barrel, if bucket has content, otherwise - bucket empty - you take as much as you can from barrel (max 10L, since bucket can only hold 10 L).

You can always use more liquid in the barrel on your leather/ raw hide than nedded, so just put as many in as possible (maybe one at a time) and use the number that works. When there is just 4L or something left in the barrel, just take it out with an empty bucket, go with that bucket to a water source, take water with bucket and what was in the bucket before is now gone> refill your barrels!

For pelt, no barrel needed, just animal fat and raw hide. Apply and wait. Pelt cannot be made into leather!

For leather and all the steps: use raw hide with barrel with limewater, use knife on soaked hide, than put in barrel with light tannin, than in barrel with strong tannin.

Note: there is a HUGE difference between pelt and leather! Be sure to know what you want.

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