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Change character appearance/class?

Mikel Monleón

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Tyron (the dev) had a brief interaction with someone asking a similar question here:

The commands in question seem to be:

 /player yourname allowcharselonce


.charsel (note this is a client command and there is a dot before it)

I haven't messed with this yet so you will want to read through that thread (it's only three posts long) and see if there was anything I missed. Also, not sure if this allows redoing of character customization, or only class changing.

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Thank you! This seemed to work temporarily. The /player yourname allowcharselonce command doesn't seem to do anything (I am doing it through the server console). I get a bunch of red text that pops up when that occurs, seems like an error log. The client command does bring up the character & class customization panel. I can make changes but they do not stick when I save and exit. 

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Are you in multiplayer or singleplayer? Commands beginning with a / are admin commands, and you need admin privileges to use them. If you are on a server, ask an admin to run it for you (they can just use your character name in the command to make it apply to you).

In singleplayer you should have admin privileges by default. When I use the command in singleplayer on version 1.14.2, it works just fine. I do not get any red text.

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