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Anyway to make more tolerable?

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So I'm doing a peaceful playthrough focused on surviving/building/farming. I went down a cave to do some spelunking with a torch and screwed up and had my torch put out trying to jump over a stream. So now I'm sitting in the dark, waiting to starve to death because I can't see anything. At. All. Is there a command or any mods that let me increase the brightness? I would love it if the night weren't so dark anyway. I get it if some folks like the realism but I personally don't like how the darkness stop me progressing.

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Try: /gamemode creative

Then when you press E, you get the full creative inventory selector. Grab a torch and put it in your hotbar. Then, switch back with: /gamemode survival

Apart from that, you can try to raise the value for gamma in the graphics options. But be aware it will increase the brightness of everything - including the UI - and potentially make things look washed-out.

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Here's two suggestions I can think of right off the top of my head for the future.

Make an oil lamp (unless those too are put out by water, I don't know since I haven't played in 1.14 yet) and walk around with that.

Or simply make some soil blocks https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=Soil_Blocks or cobblestone that you carry around with you and build a small bridge over the stream. Heck, you can even use plain ol' dirt if you don't have the sideways instability rule for it turned on. Just place your torch nearby so you can see, but not close enough the water puts it out, whip out your blocks and build something real quick. If you can get to where the stream is coming from, just make a little basin around it with some blocks (so it acts as a landmark and can be used for water if you need some). There are many ways to get around, over, or lessen the impact of this type of obstacle. Hey, you DID say that this world was meant for surviving and building, so there's some building for you.

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