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I have a bug idk how to fix it.

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I have the bug that tells me I can't acces my world and that it is already in use.i played 34 hours or more on that save.I will post it here and the mods that I use for reference



Trail foods


Collectible exchange

Capture animals

Jack o lantern

more rusty gears

primitive survival

temporal thinkerer

Usefull scraps

Xmas time

Berry bread

HUD clock

Salt production


I uploaded the log.i will figure out where it stores the saves.I will try to fix it


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13 hours ago, l33tmaan said:

Well that's not good, that's one of the game's essential files. You probably need that. 

I will download the new update and see if it's fixed.I have a error like host crashed and chunks won't load block won't break and when I exit it says that my save it's already in use.

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Click on the pencil icon at the right side of the savefile entry. In the screen that opens up, there should be a "Run in Repair Mode" button at the bottom. Try it.

It may not work, but sometimes it does.

Of course, you've had mods in the game, so that may result in the file being unfixable. Make a backup first, then try fixing it as is. If it doesn't work, provide the mods that you previously had, and try fixing it again.

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