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Fancy Sky

Ka Ev

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Fancy Sky



The moon and sun are round, and the night sky with stars is also changed.


Valid for versions up to 1.16 only!!!! 

At this stage, the files with the changed starry sky are not automatically replaced by the game itself!
So if you want to see the starry sky from the mod, copy the folder with these files manually to the directory


I also advise you to create a copy of the folder

"environment" before you replace the sky files.







I hope you enjoy it :)



The mod works on the client side regardless of the game option, single player or server game.




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Maybe so, maybe not, but it's a game, and there's a temporal storm, how can the sun and the moon look? It's just as strange as the events in this game.  Yes in the game laid and the phases of the moon and its movement to the sun is not just tied day and night, these two celestial bodies move each with its own speed and on this moon can be seen in the morning and evening, as actually in real life Real Life

Thanks that you use the mod, I am very pleased, let's see what we can do with it in the future :)



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V 1.0.1 

Minor tweaks to texture tones, saturation and RGB range, should look more natural. Added a file with the tone of the sky, the transition from the sky to the horizon.

Still need to manually copy the sky texture files, this will be corrected in a later release of the game itself.



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The sun does not seem to be lit in my world using the latest version (1.0.4) The day and night light is all correct and the actual light itself is fine, just the actual sun itself is a dull grey sphere that casts no light itself.

EDIT: Seems like it was just a conflict with Volumetric lights continued. Tweaking some of the settings for that mod returned the sun to being light but it is lacking that intense ray effect present normally. Best to just remove Volumetric Lights it seems. Sorry to bug you and thanks for the mod:)

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