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SpecializedBags v0.4.2


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v0.4.2 for VS 1.16

  • Fixed spelling error
  • Oil Lamp can now be swapped to hand with X




Thanks Asraiel for updating the links and adding the new items!


SpecializedBags adds 3 new multi-slot bags that carry only certain items.


Agriculture Bag: Holds seeds, grain, fruit, vegetables, soybeans, pumpkins, mushrooms, dry grass, flax fibers, cattails/horsetails, cattail/papyrus roots, berry bushes, ferns, lilies, vines, flowers, fertilizers, compost, soil, hoes, and scythes.



Forestry Bag: Holds logs, sticks, boards, firewood, bamboo, saplings, resin, honeycombs, axes, shears, and saws.



Builder Bag: holds building items such as soil, logs, bricks, paths, ladders, fences, rocks, planks, shingles, glass, and more.



Installation: Download the latest .zip file from [VS Mod DB] or [Github] and place it in your mods folder.

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  • Deviator changed the title to SpecializedBags v0.3.1
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15 hours ago, Lisabet said:

You might check with Jobediah (author of this mod Advanced Backpack Construction System ) on how they do the colors in their bag slots; each size has a different color of its inventory slots, and I've seen no crashing issue with it.

Thanks for the heads-up. I did some testing with both mods and it turns out both mods crash if the slot quantity is the same AND inventory slot colors are different. If the slot colors are the same, no crash... if the slot quantity is different, no crash. It is a very strange thing and I am not sure what would cause it.

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Hi @Deviator It took me a while to find out it was your mod hehe but finally figured it out today:

in server-debug.txt with 1.16.5 and your mod ver SpecializedBags-10Slot_v0.4.1

29.4.2022 07:29:38 [VerboseDebug] Patch 35 in domain:patches/storagetypes.json: File game:itemtypes/resource/firewod.json not found
29.4.2022 07:29:38 [VerboseDebug] Patch 103 in domain:patches/storagetypes.json: File game:blocktypes/soil/bony-layerred.json not found
29.4.2022 07:29:38 [VerboseDebug] Patch 153 in domain:patches/storagetypes.json: File game:blocktypes/wood/shelve.json not found

Small 3 typos in your storagetypes.json patch file causing those debug errors

layerred to layered

firewod to firewood

shelve to shelf i believe


see those lines in your patch of storagetypes.json of SpecializedBags-10Slot_v0.4.1:

{ "file": "game:blocktypes/soil/bony-layerred", "op": "add", "path": "/storageFlags", "value": 8193},

{ "file": "game:itemtypes/resource/firewod", "op": "add", "path": "/storageFlags", "value": 4097},

{ "file": "game:blocktypes/wood/shelve", "op": "add", "path": "/storageFlags", "value": 8193},


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  • Deviator changed the title to SpecializedBags v0.4.2
  • 4 months later...

Hi. I'm wondering if you plan a 1.17 update planned? Thanks

I have tested you mod on 1.17.2 and I do not find anything not working. So perhaps an update is not required but it would be nice if you could change the compatibility to include 1.17.2. That way people will know that it works okay. My testing was limited but this not an extensive mod so I suspect it all works fine.
I can confirm that x places the oil lamp into the off hand.

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