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Hey guys,

I am just coming out of my first 70h playthrough and now that I am aware of most of the game mechanics and what is important to succeed, I am thinking about restarting a more customized game.

I am thinking about changing the following aspects:

  • Limiting world size and reducing polar distance dramatically. Before in a 1 million map size with 100k polar distance it was impossible to get from one climate zone to another. At least for me and the time I am willing to travel the world.
  • Setting surface tin probability up (to rare?) and ore density up to 200%. In my previous game I hardly found any ores while mining or spelunking.

What are your thoughts on this? What has or hasn't worked for you? Any other suggestions about how to adjust the standard settings to get a better experience?

Thanks in advance!

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My current singleplayer world is 50k by 50k blocks with a pole-equator distance of 10k. It seems to be working out okay, but I would definitely not set the distance any lower. I already get fairly noticeable temperature swings when I travel between my base and the trader 800 blocks north of me, and since you can easily travel 4k-5k blocks in a day if you want to, the world would get too small. I've only really started exploring a lot in the past few days, and I have not yet seen many different biomes; I cannot tell yet if they all still get to spawn properly at this scale. It feels like they should, but I can't confirm yet.

One thing to keep in mind is that regardless of how you configure your world size, you cannot change the expanse of rock layers. If you had to walk 5k to 10k in search for limestone in the past, then chances are, you will have to walk similar distances again in this world. And if your pole-equator distance is just 5k blocks, you might be visiting the south pole before your local stone layer changes significantly ;)

I've not personally touched the global ore density setting in my worlds.

When you do generate a world, keep an eye on the temperature you get when spawning. It currently seems like the average world temperature gets randomized with the world seed, and across a crazy large range, too. In testing, I've seen anywhere from -15°C to +37°C for May 1st, 08:00 o'clock in the morning. And since my current world had a relatively cold start (near 0°C) I can tell you that this isn't just a one-day thing. My summers struggle to hit 30°C and I've had snow cover into early April at a latitude comparable to southern France. Depending on what temperature you score, your game will be more or less challenging. If you get one of the extreme values, it might be borderline unplayable. Thankfully they only appeared rarely in my testing. (This is reported to the dev team already btw.)

One setting I always recommend is having dirt affected by gravity. It makes things more challenging, but also more immersive... and forces you to use the actual early building materials like cob, packed dirt, or mudbrick instead of just living in a hole in a pile of dirt. Plus, getting caught in a landslide during exploration sure makes your heart rate spike up for a moment :P


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