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Stingy Hotfix (


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Version, a testing release, is now ready for download in the account manager. 

This is the release that will go online on the public server now! I hope the baskets in pre 1.5.2 worlds now upgrade properly.

Game updates

  • Feature: Added new commandline arg: --addModPath for @Milo Christiansen
  • Tweak: Added ability to use wildcards on /entity removebytype or countbytype
  • Tweak: Strawdummy placing sound, bee mob somewhat more silent, locust idle sound was not attenuated
  • Fixed: Incorrect sRGB Profile console spam on linux (at least most of it, i hope)
  • Fixed: Double ore drop patch accidentally shipped with the game
  • Fixed: Bugs when loading pre 1.5.2 Worlds:
    • Lanterns dropping invisible blocks and not default to their copper variant
    • Weird happenings with Baskets 
  • Fixed: Exception thrown on newly generated chunks related to bee hives
  • Fixed: Pick block on slabs and trap doors returning wrong block
  • Fixed: Server ticking blocks system throwing an exception on server shutdown
  • Fixed: Harvestabke skeps not dropping any honeycomb >.>
  • Fixed: Creature forever walking into walls
  • Fixed: Dynamic shadows of some creatures rendered at the players position
  • Fixed: Locust almost never spawning
  • Fixed: Shapeless grid crafting crashing
  • Fixed: Fall damage turned off
  • Fixed: Avatar in character dialog drawn over itemstack info (probably)

Semi-releated, check out this base by @redram on the public server, dayum!

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