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Trader doesn't buy


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1 hour ago, Papa Cheese said:

I've had this happen if the % of quality was higher than what displays on the item they want. If they want boots at 76% and I have a pair that's 77%they won't buy until I run around wearing them to wear them out to 76% or lower.

Thats weird. He should buy if % is the same or higher than demanded.

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23 minutes ago, Laskuna said:

Same bug, my trader dont want to buy emeralds.


Did you mouse over the emerald the trader wanted to buy, and yours?

It says in the tooltip which quality grade the gem is. "Low potential", "medium potential", etc.

If the trader wants to buy low and you have medum, then this is not a bug. You're not offering the item he wants. If, however, the trader wants to buy low, and you have low, and he still won't take it? Then yes, that's a bug.

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