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  1. So you are saying to add angles to the walls to get away from the rectangle and add details to the roof? Could add a room for my metal piles and maybe also coal and charcoal I like how immersive you can make vs. in Minecraft a room for storing iron would not really have a practical application for example. I plan to make a chimney for my steel furnace and forges. But the cementation furnace it right behind the right windmill. And the forges in front of the left. And there is not much space in between them The hard thing is not to add chimneys or details. The hard thing is to keep it balanced. Maybe I should change the walls to make the roof choices easier but I travelled so far to gather clay stone! This base and my old one has basalt, granite, periodate and andesite. if only I could find the original build...
  2. I was trying something with maple slabs
  3. So this is my forge, which may or may not be inspired by another build in the launcher. But I am struggling with the roof! I am fairly new so I don't have a full grasp on all the blocks yet, but nothing I try looks good. and I don't think the placement of the windmills helps Ideas?
  4. For me it doesn’t work even if they are the same percentage. I can only sell items that don’t get worn, like jewelry.
  5. I still had big trouble placing the chutes. Especially the 3-way ones. They wouldn’t cooperate. Top facing down or only a certain way no matter what direction I tried to place it from. I managed to place some and had to build my system accommodating them. is this a bug?
  6. How do I place elbow chutes sideways? I have a mill powered from below with four hoppers with and chests below them. I would like to connect the output to one chest. But if I can’t connect them with the elbow then I can’t go around corners. Do I have to use the 3way chute? But it costs an extra ingot I also want to send the output from my pulverizer to the top of the floor instead of having to go underneath the building
  7. I haven’t seen this in here, but I really would like the ability to make sandwiches. Like combining it with jam and cheese or cheese and preserved meats. But not all three at the same time. At the moment I find both jam and cheese kinda of meh. They are annoying to eat because cheese don’t give you much dairy and jam not that much satiety even though honey is a resource harder to come by. Harder than meat but, I admit, no as hard as cabbage and pumpkin. So I suggest combining it with bread as suggested - sandwiches with meat and cheese or, - sandwiches with jam and cheese You as this to the bread by right clicking a bowl of jam, a piece of cheese, or adding meat in the crafting grid. Having to slice the bread first with a knife might be a good idea. Sandwiches should stack to 8. You can’t partially eat sandwiches, unlike meals and you get no graze time. This would make it easier to code to, right? This way they won’t become op. If you bring a cooked meal you can bring 4 meals in a crock + one for the bowl. If you bring meat with cabbage this is a lot of food. So bring 8 sandwiches in a stack should be somewhat equal to a crock. And you can finish it opening up space. And with no bowl this make it a perfect exploration food. I have a suggestion regarding villages. I once found a camp shared by two traders. So instead of a “village” how about something more like a trailer park? Here two or more traders would share a camp. Considering that some traders want what other sell you could potentially earn some gears here. There should be a really low chance that a trader spawns as a village.
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