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Compass — Adds craftable compasses


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Downloads and source: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/396

This mod adds three craftable compasses to the game:

Magnetic Compass

Crafted using 1 (fired) clay bowl, 1 magnetite nugget, and 1 stick. It always points north.

Alternate recipe: use 1 metal scrap instead of magnetite.

Origin Compass

Crafted using 1 Magnetic Compass and 2 Temporal Gears. It always points to the world's default spawn. If the default spawn has a radius, it points to the center of it. This will be the same spot for all players on the server.

Relative Compass

Crafted using 1 Origin Compass and 2 Temporal Gears. That means it'll cost 4 gears total. It remembers where it was crafted and always points to that spot.

Known Issues

Compasses don't point in the correct direction when dropped on the ground, or probably also viewed in another player's hand.


I am no artist. If you would like to help improve the look of anything, please contact me on the Vintage Story Discord (my name is Gox.) Let's talk before you create a Pull Request?

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On 4/12/2021 at 10:33 AM, Thalius said:

Installed on The Wilderlands server and had a player post the following bug-

When crafting a magnetic compass, they ended up with this:

magnetic compass bug.png

Wow! That looks like a lot of compasses! There's nothing special about the crafting mechanics in this mod, so I have no idea how this could have happened. It looks from the action bar that this is lots of itemstacks and not a rendering bug.

Can you reproduce the issue? Got a video? Can you reproduce it with no other mods installed? We've been using this mod on a couple of modded servers and haven't run into this issue before.

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It happened when he had a stack of 128 nuggets in the crafting grid but only one bowl and one stick. It created a ton of them, and one he called "cursed" because once he picked it up, he could not drop it without picking it back up, and it kicked him from the game every time he did. We had to remove the mod.  He also said that none of the compasses worked- they just spun irradically.

At the time it was only one of two mods on the server- the other being the tradeomat mod. Nothing was installed that could have conflicted with it.

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Hey I was wondering if you were considering adding the ability to name your compasses? Thst way it'll be easier to track which compass goes where, it can get very chaotic and confusing once you end up having more than one or two relative compass and I feel like this would be an excellent quality of life addition to your mod.

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