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  1. Fixed! Please download and update to version 1.0.1 Sorry about that everyone. This bug will have affected any found static translocators that you already applied Metal Parts to. Thanks again, @Lisabet!!
  2. Oh dear! Thank you, @Lisabet. I have no idea how I missed this in testing I will fix this ASAP!
  3. A library for creating custom, temporary buffs. I've created a ModDB entry for this library at: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/633 However, there are no files to download there, because this library is meant to be included in the source code of your own mods. Overview This source code library can be included in your mod's source code to support your own buffs. Buffs can specify their own expiry time, either in game time or real time. Buff expiry is automatically "paused" for players who leave the server, and also when the server is shutdown. Buffs get an OnTick method call every 250 ms while active, and there are several other event-based methods which get called, such as OnStart, OnExpire, OnStack, and more. Installing cd src git submodule add https://github.com/chriswa/vsmodlib-BuffStuff.git Or just download it as a zip and unzip it into your src/ directory. If you need to create buffs in multiple mods, simply include a copy of the library in each mod. (It's very small!) However, note that you will not be able to access buffs from other mods: each mod has its own BuffManager. Usage Code blocks don't render well here, so please view the remainder of the README on GitHub.
  4. Please let me know what you think!
  5. Download and Source: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/600 This mod enables the deconstruction, construction, and linking of Static Translocators. To get started, you will need 3 steel ingots, 2 gold ingots, and 1 rough diamond. To craft new Translocators with this mod, you will need to use the crowbar to destroy Translocators you find in the world, since it is not possible to craft or otherwise find some of the components. All translocation is always two-way. The Crowbar The crowbar can be smithed on an anvil, using a single steel ingot. Only steel is strong enough to make an effective crowbar. With the crowbar in hand, hold Sneak (shift) and right click to pry a Static Translocator apart. Breaking Apart Translocators Crowbars are not an exact science. Not all components are recovered when breaking apart a Translocator: 1x Gate Array (80% chance of recovery) 1x Particulation Component (80% chance of recovery) 1x Power Core (always recovered) 1x Glass Slab (always recovered) 4x Metal Parts (2-4 recovered) 1x Coalescence Crystal (5-6 shards recovered, 6 shards are required to make a complete crystal) If you previously repaired the Translocator, you will also get back the 2 Metal Parts and any Temporal Gears you added. (However, if a Translocator was repaired with Temporal Gears by a non-Clockmaker before this mod was added, 1 fewer gears will be returned.) If you crafted the Translocator, you will get back the extra 2 Metal Parts and 2 Temporal Gears you used in crafting it. Using the Linker The Linker can be used to connect two Translocators. Crafted Translocators can be linked immediately. Found Translocators will nee to be repaired first, before they can be linked. There's no point in building and placing newly crafted Translocators without a Linker, because they won't go anywhere. Only the Translocators found in ruined structures are pre-linked to other Translocators. The Linker crafting recipe includes a Gate Array (among other things, check the Handbook,) so at least one Translocator must be sacrified to craft it. To use the Linker, right click on a Translocator, then right click it on a second Translocator. Both Translocators will become linked. If either Translocator was previously linked to another Translocator, those other Translocator(s) will become unlinked. An unlinked Translocator is still repaired, but requires linking before it can be used. All Translocation is two-way: there are never one-way Translocators. The maximum distance a link can be made between two Translocators with the Linker is 8000 blocks. The lights on the front of the Linker provide a rough indicator of distance. As you travel away from the first Translocator you've synchronized the linker to, the lights will start to go out (1 light will go out for every 1000 blocks.) If you are holding a Linker which is synchronized to a Translocator which is farther away than 8000 blocks, all lights will go out and the panel will flicker, indicating that you are out of range. After synchronizing your Linker to a Translocator, you can reset it by holding Sneak (shift) and right clicking. New Translocators Craft them and place them wherever you like. The recipe is in the handbook. Crafted Translocators are fully repaired and ready to be linked: you will not need to add additional Metal Parts or additional Temporal Gears. They won't do anything until they are linked with the Linker. Special Thanks Thanks to CaptainOats for contributing artwork!
  6. The Auto Rotor was underwhelming. We have 8 full-size windmills and were disappointed that the Auto Rotor didn't seem to provide much torque compared to the windmills.
  7. Wow! That looks like a lot of compasses! There's nothing special about the crafting mechanics in this mod, so I have no idea how this could have happened. It looks from the action bar that this is lots of itemstacks and not a rendering bug. Can you reproduce the issue? Got a video? Can you reproduce it with no other mods installed? We've been using this mod on a couple of modded servers and haven't run into this issue before.
  8. Thank you for this! I have a couple of requests for Xandus Inventory Tweaks that I miss from modded Minecraft: 1. Mouse scrolling to move single items between inventories (I think this was added by NEI.) For example, mousing over a stack in your inventory and then scrolling down 3 "clicks" would push 3 items from that stack into an open chest's inventory. Scrolling up 1 "click" would pull 1 back. I can't remember whether up or down was the standard for pull or push, but maybe it should be configurable? 2. Holding a key and clicking to move a stack into my crafting grid. I'm used to using W and S to move stacks "up" and "down" through the crafting grid, inventory, and action bar, but since W and S still cause you to move with your inventory open, I don't think they would be good keys to use.
  9. Any chance you can upload this to the new Mod Database at https://mods.vintagestory.at/ ? Yours is the only mod our server is using which isn't available through the Mod Database API. Alternately, I could upload it for you if you like? Thanks!
  10. You have torches in your off-hand. Both hands must be empty.
  11. Version 1.1.1 fixes an exploit involving the Survival Handbook (oops)
  12. That's strange. This is definitely working on a well-used multiplayer server I play on. Do you get any errors in your logs? Can you provide the exact /waypoint function you're using so I can double-check it myself?
  13. Download and Source: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/410 Are you finding it a little too easy to kite drifters by dancing out of their attack range as soon as they start swinging their big, slow arms? This mod makes melee combat more difficult by randomizing attack animation timing (between 1-4 times faster,) while also providing a range bonus after starting an attack. Work In Progress This mod needs testing in the field! And feedback, please!
  14. Yes, it must be on both the and all clients. Did you manually add "StepUp" to ModIntegrityConfig.json? If so, delete ModIntegrityConfig.json, run the server, try to connect with the StepUp mod, get kicked, look in the server console for the command to copy-paste which will automatically add all the mods you just got kicked for, then reconnect. Now everyone can connect with StepUp. ... unless they modify their copy of StepUp from the one you used!
  15. Downloads and source: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/396 This mod adds three craftable compasses to the game: Magnetic Compass Crafted using 1 (fired) clay bowl, 1 magnetite nugget, and 1 stick. It always points north. Alternate recipe: use 1 metal scrap instead of magnetite. Origin Compass Crafted using 1 Magnetic Compass and 2 Temporal Gears. It always points to the world's default spawn. If the default spawn has a radius, it points to the center of it. This will be the same spot for all players on the server. Relative Compass Crafted using 1 Origin Compass and 2 Temporal Gears. That means it'll cost 4 gears total. It remembers where it was crafted and always points to that spot. Known Issues Compasses don't point in the correct direction when dropped on the ground, or probably also viewed in another player's hand. Collaboration? I am no artist. If you would like to help improve the look of anything, please contact me on the Vintage Story Discord (my name is Gox.) Let's talk before you create a Pull Request?
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