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  1. Thank you for this! I have a couple of requests for Xandus Inventory Tweaks that I miss from modded Minecraft: 1. Mouse scrolling to move single items between inventories (I think this was added by NEI.) For example, mousing over a stack in your inventory and then scrolling down 3 "clicks" would push 3 items from that stack into an open chest's inventory. Scrolling up 1 "click" would pull 1 back. I can't remember whether up or down was the standard for pull or push, but maybe it should be configurable? 2. Holding a key and clicking to move a stack into my crafting grid. I'm used to u
  2. Any chance you can upload this to the new Mod Database at https://mods.vintagestory.at/ ? Yours is the only mod our server is using which isn't available through the Mod Database API. Alternately, I could upload it for you if you like? Thanks!
  3. You have torches in your off-hand. Both hands must be empty.
  4. Version 1.1.1 fixes an exploit involving the Survival Handbook (oops)
  5. That's strange. This is definitely working on a well-used multiplayer server I play on. Do you get any errors in your logs? Can you provide the exact /waypoint function you're using so I can double-check it myself?
  6. Download and Source: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/410 Are you finding it a little too easy to kite drifters by dancing out of their attack range as soon as they start swinging their big, slow arms? This mod makes melee combat more difficult by randomizing attack animation timing (between 1-4 times faster,) while also providing a range bonus after starting an attack. Work In Progress This mod needs testing in the field! And feedback, please!
  7. Yes, it must be on both the and all clients. Did you manually add "StepUp" to ModIntegrityConfig.json? If so, delete ModIntegrityConfig.json, run the server, try to connect with the StepUp mod, get kicked, look in the server console for the command to copy-paste which will automatically add all the mods you just got kicked for, then reconnect. Now everyone can connect with StepUp. ... unless they modify their copy of StepUp from the one you used!
  8. Downloads and source: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/396 This mod adds three craftable compasses to the game: Magnetic Compass Crafted using 1 (fired) clay bowl, 1 magnetite nugget, and 1 stick. It always points north. Alternate recipe: use 1 metal scrap instead of magnetite. Origin Compass Crafted using 1 Magnetic Compass and 2 Temporal Gears. It always points to the world's default spawn. If the default spawn has a radius, it points to the center of it. This will be the same spot for all players on the server. Relative Compass Crafted usin
  9. You're absolutely right that this would be trivial to circumvent, especially considering that most anti-cheating systems typically also use security-through-obscurity (which is not actual security,) and I seem to have left this thing unobfuscated and open-source. I don't have the free time to start an arms race of measures and counter-measures. However, I expect this will be slightly more effective than a signpost, since players will need to perform the action of circumventing this mod, rather than the "inaction" of leaving various client-only mods enabled which they've been using on oth
  10. Download and source: https://mods.vintagestory.at/edit/mod?assetid=381 Increases the speed at which you "step up" onto a slab, staircase, or snow layer (etc.) to near-instant.
  11. Download and source: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/379 ModIntegrity Helps ensure that the client uses only mods approved by the server. It's intended for modpack authors or server owners to restrict which client-only mods their players can use. Mods are checked by mod ID, version, source type (e.g. "zip"), and MD5 fingerprint. How It Works The client, upon joining, sends a report of all of its enabled mods to the server, including any enabled client-only mods. MD5 fingerprints of the mods' files/folders are included (don't worry, it's very fast.) The server checks that
  12. It would be nice to have better integration with the forum: I'm finding it a bit tedious to create both a mod and a forum post, then edit the mod with the forum post's url, and try to remember to keep both pages updated. I prefer the forum for discussion (upvotes and email subscriptions, etc.) and the Mod Database for hosting and release tracking. Would it be possible to automatically create a forum post for each mod and embed the forum page in an iframe or something?
  13. The first is an EntityBehavior. You can add a custom EntityBehavior to player entities on spawn. My TemporalGearSpawnNerf and Pact mods both do this, check out their source.
  14. I'm intending to create a compass mod with several compasses: one which points North, one which points to the default spawn center, one which points to the nearest player-craftable "radio transmitter", and one which points to another dynamic location which can be controlled by another mod I intend to create. I still need to figure out what crafting materials would be fair. Currently, you can use the orientation of knapping patterns to tell direction (although I'm hoping this will be fixed at some point.) For example, the knife blades always point West.
  15. Yes. The mod clears your spawn when you revive, not before. Since your spawn point is already set, you will need to re-gear after each death, lest you become lost in the wild.
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