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Garden, the animal magnet?


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Animals rot on the wall (better looking garden fence I will build) and stay there for hours / days. Doesn't seem realistic in my eyes. I'm sure that every animal will understood after some minutes, that he can't get the food, and should look for other place.

It makes also to easy to get flesh for the player.


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Sorry, yes I installed Farm Life :( I was thinking it would be like Minecraft. Easier to attract, but not so easy as in the picture you can see.

Hm, "catching" animals was in vanilla complicated/weird to me, I throwed some stones against the pig, but the pig was hunting me after this only 5-10 fields, my base was 400 blocks away :/ - and once an animal killed me, but I only hit him with a stone too ..

I have Farm Life now deactivated, I like more action. Even hunting is good, If I go hunting for flesh - I have even nice random accidents and  I finde some nice seeds, nice resources like copper or ruins (not every ruin is showed in the minimap well, but thats fine) ;)


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