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Client Hard CTD when looking at/using Helvehammer

Phil Kelly

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This one is strange.  I'm experiencing fairly regularly, but not 100% repeatable hard crash to desktop on my Win 10, i7-2900K, AMD Radeon 6970 system running VS 1.14.8 client with a few mods against community server (Mischief of Mice).

There is no update to the client-crash.txt file.  There is no windows error dialog.  It just stalls for a few seconds, I get the windows "spinning circle", then bang, hard crash to desktop.  I'm not sure if other players see a crash message on the server, but I think they do---something like player Astrobirder left the server due to client crash.  I can get the exact wording next time I try to repeat the bug.

The ONLY time I see this crash is when I'm running the Helvehammer, and more often than not, when I'm LOOKING at the hammer.  This makes me think it might be a rendering issue, but I have no real way to tell.  I also didn't find anything in the Windows Event Viewer :-(.

Any ideas on how to get better data to provide a proper bug report?




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