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Chickens running into the corner constantly?

Brynn Bernstein

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My chickens have all started crushing into one corner, I thought they were running away from me but they don't even stop running into the corner when I come and stand in the corner like they used to (they used to run away to another corner). They run out of the corner to go eat some grain and then go right back. (The dead looking chicken in this is a mystery to me, he didn't show up in game but he did appear when I took the picture. I went back to see if there was a dead chicken on the floor and there wasn't one.) Do I need to give them more room? They have plenty of light from the lantern, and the pit is inside my house so there's no predators for them to path away from. Thoughts?image.thumb.png.bca5ec1e4248fe046ba910bd4895adc4.png

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