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How to raise temperature

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We've built castle high in the mountains. Level 210-240. The temperature is much lower than at the sea level especially during winter. I try to heat interior of the castle by fireplaces but without success. Any suggestions?

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There's no such thing as interior temperature in the game, I'm afraid.

The game can detect enclosed spaces if their volume is no more than 7x7x7 blocks, and that volume is surrounded entirely by solid block faces (unchiseled) or doors. Within such spaces, the player's cold resistance is increased and the cold weather food usage penalty is removed. Plus, a burning fire has a much larger range for warming up players than it normally has outdoors. But that's it. There's no separate interior temperature being tracked for the room.

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I suggest you install the braziers mod and install a few around the castle for a constant hear buff. Besides that you could only move your castle/build to a warmer location with the in-game world edit.

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