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What you do with extra food?


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helo, this game, the very first winter was very, very, very hard for me, but now - the second winter will come soon, I see, that I have an overproduction of food - can I sell it? I did see, that one trader needs bred. But I have so much pig-flesh, onions, flax and so on ....

Even two dry periods (I have very often rain, and very often rain => climatzone) but not irrigation in my garden - could not destroy a lot, I have so so much food ....


Maybe this game needs rats, mices, cockroaches - and much more crop failures :) - harvest devatsing hailstorms. Raccoons and rabbits, have no chance destroy my garden / food, I have a fence, two blocks-height, and I did made flatland before I did build my garden.

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