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Question on MP server setting


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Your hunger rate can go up by various means, such as:

  • Holding a light source in your offhand
  • Wearing armor (check the stats of the armor)
  • Playing as a Blackguard
  • It being very cold outside

None of these are a bug. All of them are intended gameplay.

As for the command not taking - keep in mind that the command simply takes whatever value you give it. It doesn't check if the value is valid, and if you give it something invalid, the next world load will fall back to the default. For example, if you include the square brackets in what you type ingame, that's an invalid value. They are present in the documentation to signify "insert your own value here". Additionally, I'm 95% sure that 0 is also an invalid value. Some core game mechanics, such as hunger, food spoiling, and so on, simply cannot be turned off. They can only be reduced to a certain minimum. Try 0.1, that will likely work.

Why does the wiki claim you can enter 0? Well, as the wiki is maintained entirely by volunteers on a whenever-they-feel-like-it basis, you may encounter outdated information, missing pages, or even certain common misconceptions on there. ;)


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