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Grass variety


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Adding more grass variants. There's plants covering the ground almost every where in the real world that just add variety. In game perhaps more grass variants can be added for different environmental conditions. The "grass" would be different depending on location. In the desert you'd get little tuffs here and there. In a rainy area it could be clovers. In a forest patches of moss. In a cold area it can sometimes be red. Around tilled soil it can be cheat grass. Underwater it can be algea.

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If there's gonna be biome-specific grass and flowers, edible ones'll be fun. 


Dandelion greens for salads. Dandelion roots for coffee/tea substitutes. Dandelion flowers for alcohol (Yes, that's a thing.) 

Honeysuckle flowers for a snack. 

Good old Lavender. 

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