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Treefarm advice needed please :)


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Guys, please advice me how to make the tree farm pretty but still functional and comfortable to work.

I have this base design idea, a ladder cage. It allows you to crawl on ladder walls around your trees and shear them all.
Very fun to use, all the crawling, feels a bit lice a creative mode flying, and quite efficient, you can shear nearly all the leaves.

But placing 7 such cages near the base will look terribly. Any advices?

E.g. I managed to make quite a nice arrangement from the crop fields, like terraces. Far from ideal, but quite pretty. Something of similar effectiveness+prettines mix would be nice.



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yes I have an idea. Looks like you are growing oak. Something like this if tiled would look quite nice and allow you to access most of the tree if not all of it. The ladders in the middle of each means you can climb up any of them. If you are doing multiple trees you can just run along the middle to each tree. The top level is slabbed to prevent mob spawning. You could do the same for the middle level and then raise the upper level up one.

To build it each side is the same. except in the center of the bottom you remove the middle on one side so you can put in your ladders. up to the top. Instead of having this design being two stories up you could put the middle story at ground level and then dig down a story where you will put your tree. The design is very flexible.


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As far as oak go, they have so many branches I just usually climb to the top and shear them in layers from the top down, and can walk around no problem.  Of course that may change once Tyron implements some rules about how close they can grow.  Probably would work with maple too, though Ihaven't tried it since I have no great need of maple.  I think Stroam's design would be good for pine, which seem to often get quite tall, but don't have much (or any?) branching habit.  Rather intense for initial setup.  Have you tried a central walkway with trees on both sides?  If space right you could probably reach like, 90% of the leaves and branches.  When the trees are grown you'd hardly be able to tell it's there.

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