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Do loose stones respawn?


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12 hours ago, Maelstrom said:

To my knowledge loose stones do not respawn. 


Sounds like they are a desired resource.  What do you use loose stones for?

They're used in cobblestone (one clay surrounded by stones) and stone paths (one dirt with 4x stone on top). Cobble is a good construction material if you're not ready for stone bricks yet (which require hammer, chisel and mortar) or if you just prefer the cobble look. Stone paths are very useful since they're the only block that increases your travel speed (along with wooden paths, which require the much rarer aged planks). Some stone types can also be used for tools, just like flint, while a few types (halite and limestone) can produce resources of their own (salt and lime).

If you're looking for stones in large quantities, you're usually better off skipping the individual loose stones and head towards the desert-ish biomes (i.e. large expanses of either sand or gravel). Break the larger boulders you find scattered on the ground there and you should be packing stacks of stones in no time. Either that or find a good area with exposed rock (or clear enough dirt/sand until you expose the rock yourself) and use it as a quarry (you'll need a pickaxe for that, though).

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