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Better Contrast between Granite and Andesite.

tony Liberatto

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In our Darkagecraft server. we decided to build the Spawn area on a mountain range, it is a truly beautiful place with a valley on the inside. the area is mostly composed of Andesite. Looking for some other stone colours to have some details, I was happy when I found Granite. I was very unhappy when after collecting 3 shipments of Granite Stone I finally started to build with it. Just then I realised that  there is almost no distinction between Andesite and Granite. the colours and shades are very close.  The stone Brick is the worst.

I would like to ask that the textures be changed to have a more accentuated contrast in the colours, At least enough that we can identify them.

As I am no texture artist, I am not really sure what could be changed. Maybe make Granite a bit lighter and give Andesite a tinge of Blue?

Before anyone suggests that I can always just install a Texture pack, I must say that I think this is a Game issue, not just personal preference. I almost always play in multiplayer. When you build something on a server you must assume other players will be using the default game textures.


P.S. I also must say that I really love the game textures, the fact that it is a 32x32 texture and the amount of detail and effort anyone can see was put into creating each individual texture makes it a wonderful texture. Thanks to the artist.

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Has anything been done about this for the 1.5.3? 

I still think is something that should be done for the Game itself and not as a mod.

Andersite.jpg.82368dc4870fee5687febd330796de45.jpg Andesite as more bluesh stone.



Granite.jpg.0ed3f2e99437fd9b3f85108b4b50a7b3.jpg   granite as more Greish. 



I do love the game textures, I just think it would be beneficial to have a more definite contrast between this 2 stone types.

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