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When I try to cook Meat Stew in the fire pit, the cooking process is not progressing.


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As in the subject when I try to make Meat Stew, the cooking process is not progressing. I tried to do this with berries, onions and carrots in all configurations. It always looks like on the picture. I think this is a bug, but I can also be doing something wrong. Meat and vegetables are fresh.



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That should work, 2 meat + 0-2 meat/poultry/egg/beans + 0-2 vegetable + 0-1 fruit/honey, so I guess it's a bug. I just tried it with 6+6 meat and 6+6 onions, and I get the text "Will create 6 servings of redmeat stew with boiled onion" above the ingredients. If there's no text, there's always something wrong, normally the recipe. But in this case, the recipe should be okay.

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Ubuntu user here - I have the same bug - I cannot cook anything with meat. Cooking mushrooms is not a problem. Also firepit for clay is working. I tried also

- removing the fireplace and placing a new one,

- creating (baking) a new pot.

- cooling the firepit to 0^C a and restarting with different "fuel"

- quiting to main menu and going back into the world

Those things did not work so I think it's a bug with meat recipes.

Edit1: But cooking meat directly over firepit is possible (not in the pot).

Edit2: after cooking some poultry it went back to normal - no idea why it worked

maybe it's a workaround for this bug? @MrPole - please check

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