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Chiseling Transparent Blocks?


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On 6/21/2021 at 1:06 PM, Brynn Bernstein said:

There's a setting that's on in creative worlds that lets you chisel all kinds of blocks, and if you don't mind using cheats you can turn it on in survival too. type in "/worldconfig microblockChiseling all" to the chat, and then you can chisel any block you want--glass, dirt, and even ice!

There are still quite a few blocks that can't be chiselled with that setting turned on. Dirt, cob, stone path blocks, glass, and others. That setting, even though it says "all" only allows you to chisel most blocks, not all blocks. It is a bit misleading.

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12 hours ago, ahueonao said:

I'm not actually sure if glass is chiselable even with that setting - at least not on my creative world. Glacier ice is, though, and it's what I see most chiselers use as a substitute for glass in their survival builds.

I've been using Lake Ice, I just hit it with the chisel first and then pick it up. It's a decent work around, I just wish glass was chiselable ; ;

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A little late to this party, but I created YABBA with ability to chisel glass back in 1.14.8. I know it hasn't gotten a lot of visibility recently because I haven't update the tag to show that it is compatible with 1.15, so today I updated that. 

if you haven't found an option other than ice, and you have been using mods already, maybe it is an option?


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