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Converting from 1.14.10 to 1.15 (Stable)


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After 1.15.0pre.4 CompatibilityLib is not required because is now embedded in vanilla. If someone had it in dependency, just remove this line from modinfo.json


This is not on your list, but I think a lot of people will now start upgrading to 1.15 ;)

PlayerCorpse and TeleportationNetwork may not work, someone wrote to me about crashes in them. Since a fairly stable version is now out, I think I will update them in the next couple of days.

MoreRecipes and MoreVariants should work, but need some rework due to changes in vanilla.

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these are the ones I'm able to run with apparently no issues in the latest 1.15 pre 6


having gotten used to much much larger list of mods from 1.14, once in awhile I try and generally fail to add in some of my other favorite mods :P these tho never gave me an issue


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