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The Fauna Mod - Included in The Neolithic Mod

tony Liberatto

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This mod has been discontinued. It is now a part of The Neolithic Mod



The “Fauna” Mod.

The Fauna Mod is a continuation of “Animal Products” by Elwood. With his permission, I and Balduranne have worked extensively to improve and add items, blocks and features to the mod.

Beyond the many things, this mod adds, it comes to the attention it adds a new animal: The Rabbit. Basically is just to add more variety to the animal kingdom in the game. 

The first thing to notice is that when you kill an animal it will drop dead. No really, what you have there is a dead animal.
Harvesting the many animal products is a lengthy process and best if done in your base with plenty of inventory toom. 

Shift Holding Right Click will get the dead animal on your shoulder. To get it off repeat the Shift Holding Right Click.


Once you have the dead animal in your base, you will have a few options:
Using a saw will remove the animal head, you have a 10% chance of getting a Head Trophy. 

If instead, you use a knife first you will have a 10% chance of getting a skull trophy.

One way or another using a knife again will give you a chance for a nice Pelt.

If you get the Pelt you can use the crafting grid with a knife to get a Rug and if you need the Hides just use the knife again in the crafting grid.

If you do not get the pelt you will automatically get Hides.

The number varies and there is a small randomness. But all animals will give you more meat, and fat than the regular game. This way the player is rewarded for all the extra work.

The player will also get bones and tendons.

Small animals have the process simplified: 
Rabbits will give you meat and a small pelt.

Chickens give you feathers, a bit of fat and of course meat.

The mod adds specific meat types depending on the animal: Pork chops, Mutton, Wolf Meat, Chicken, Rabbit. They have different satiating levels. The wolf meat has a small penalty for your health. (It’s food for emergency situations).

The Mod adds Head Trophies, Skulls, Pelts, New Bows.

You should try the new bows.

We included a lot of information on the tooltip. So, have block info enable (Default key is B ) and point to items and blocks to know what they are and how to use them.
Pictures here: 

The mod depends on CarryCapacity from "copygirl", Use Version 0.3.1 ,  just put both files in your mods folder. 



Old Versions:








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The mod is still a work in progress, and we'll be expanding as we figure out how to add more things with our paltry coding abilities;

The idea is to hunt less often, but get more per kill:

To harvest a carcass, keep hitting it with a knife - It takes about 15-20 seconds, regardless of knife material.

Leather is obtained by cutting up a pelt (Knife above pelt in the grid).

Bones currently have no use, but will in the future. 

Skulls and head trophies are fairly rare drops. Pelts are very common, but you have to decide whether to keep it as a decoration or cut it up for leather.



Tendon Strip


Horn Slab


Pelt cutting


Carved Bow Limb


Fibers (Rocks work instead of a hammer too, but they get used up)


Simple Bow (Replaces vanilla)


Compound Bow (Tier 2)



Recurve Bow (Tier 3)



Bow String


Sinew Thread


Glue (Outdated graphics, sorry) - Cook fibers in a fire pit to produce glue.



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OMG I love the face-plant chicken corpses!  I do wish the pelts had a pixel of thickness.  They just look so very flat as they are.   And the wolf skull seems a bit overwrought imo.  But great work! 

When you say 'harvest', do you just hit the corpse with a knife till it explodes with items, or how does it work?  Aside from the large amount of items is there any actual reason you have to take it back to base?

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23 minutes ago, redram said:

When you say 'harvest', do you just hit the corpse with a knife till it explodes with items, or how does it work?  Aside from the large amount of items is there any actual reason you have to take it back to base?

Yes, keep hitting it with the knife to harvest them. It takes about ~15-20 seconds per corpse (Knife quality/material doesn't matter)

For the moment there's no real reason to carry it back to base. In the future we want the blood to attract predators. 

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