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YABBA "Glass Chapter" - AKA That Glass Chiseling Mod


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YABBA - Glass Chapter

AKA - "That Glass Chiseling Mod"


Originally YABBA was going to be Yet Another Building Block Addition to add all sorts of blocks. Well, of course the first thing I added in back in April of 2021 was the ability for people to Chisel Glass, because it was the thing that was the most requested in our servers. TechRabbit, LocoMiner, TheGingerHasASoul, and others all came to know YABBA as "That Glass Chiseling Mod".

Just like we now call GIF Gif because the people want to call it that (Though I am stubborn and pronounce it the same as the Peanut butter), The Current Chapter of YABBA, as it is, shall be known as "That Glass Chiseling Mod".

How this update came to be

Basically: After talking with others, and sharing the roadmap for where I wanted to go with this, I was told that it didn't fit the feel of YABBA in it's current form. Glass Chiseling was a functionality to blocks, not adding blocks itself; as such it would be better to break apart YABBA into Chapters to keep the overhead down.

So there are still other Chapters of YABBA in the works, but they are going to be split up from YABBA - Glass Chapter; Giving players the ability to customize what they want in their worlds/servers

SCOPE: Lightweight Block and Chiseling Mod for Glass

COMPATIBILITY: 1.14.8+ (Currently tested on 1.15.5)

I am creating the forum update only now because as much as I like the ModDB, the forum interface really provides the best way for feedback and improvements on mods still.

So: That being said... have ideas, suggestions for improvements... or something else that you think fits the feel of YABBA (We are thinking YABBA will affect more the Functionality of blocks), let me know!

AUGUST 2021 - Tels has also started working on Glassworks over at https://mods.vintagestory.at/glassworks that has some promising features and blocks that are going to be different than what I will have. Be sure to check out his work as well.

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Clarifying origins, updating scope, updating compatibility
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  • Quixjote changed the title to YABBA "Glass Chapter" - AKA That Glass Chiseling Mod

That's legit. When we first started chiseling glass back in April we didn't even think about saving the resources because our glass production was already in High Gear in OG server. But especially in UHC style servers, that makes a lot of sense. I have an update to do today to fix a bug that Tels pointed out to me. I will fit that in as well! Thanks! 💜

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