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  1. So, how does Quality affect plates?
  2. Looking pretty nice. You could also make peg-boards to hook them on to hang from, since they're both meant to be hollow, yes? Just a suggestion if you want something a bit more interesting than shelves.
  3. Ah, cool. I didn't think it would have broke. I suppose there's no need to update, if you're still just using 1.15.5? XP
  4. You go to Roaming, then VintageStoryData, then to ModConfig.
  5. And that is sort of supported by real life anyways. Beekeepers smear a bit of wax along the underside of the top section of a frame to give the bees a "guide". Though I'd say a Plank and 3 sticks for an "Empty frame", then add some amount of empty frames, maybe 5, and a beeswax together to get five "Prepared Frames" that can actually have bees build comb on them. By the way, question for Vinter- are you planning on adding a need to "correct" and straighten out wax combs, like in real life? Maybe as an optional task you have to do with a knife, that increases output?
  6. Well, it also happens with bottles- any chance to add a check when you rightclick with a bottle that it's not stacked? I have no idea how to really code, so I'm unsure how feasible that would be.
  7. Found a dupe bug- if you use a stack of more than one bottle to pull a Liquid out of a firepit, you can fill more than one bottle- say, you pull some Juice out of a cauldron with a stack of two empty bottles. Each time you pull out one portion, you get one put into each bottle, which can then be split apart, into two bottles, each holding one portion. Thereby doubling your juice.
  8. Huh. For some reason, the Guidebook and the actual in-world item disagree on how long it takes to Cure sausage.
  9. Or you can boost the Freshness modifier of meathooks.
  10. Oh, I thought it wouldn't go in the standard ingredient slot.
  11. By the way- how do you actually add Wine to, say a meat stew before you start cooking it?
  12. Oh, apologies- I must have had Primitive Survival on the mind- I set up a couple weirs and some hooks at the same time as I set up the rack. I meant to write Ancient Tools but I just had Primitive Survival front and center.
  13. By the way- does the Primitive Survival Curing Rack count for curing when Expanded Foods is installed?
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