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Trader carts serve as Fast Travel network


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Hi everyone,

I play mostly in single-player mode. In order to make travelling huge distances less tedious, I use trader carts as "fast travel" waypoints by manually adding a warp block in Creative mode every time I discover a trader, and then switching back to Survival.

I would love to see a world option that allows trader carts to be used as a "fast travel" network. You could only fast-travel between trader carts that have been discovered. Especially in single-player mode, this would really be useful for exploring and trading and would take away a lot of the "grind" of travelling back and forth over huge distances. In my opinion, this should be an option that can be disabled, especially for servers.

Have a great day!

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The game could use more movement options, but I would rather see the translocaters get more love as the fast travel option. I find that roads are enjoyable to build and use in this game, especially when the terrain is rugged or just impassable, but they are only worth it for a few reasons: traders and some mines. If you could fast travel from any trader to another, roads would cease to have any real impact. There is no point to boats unless you could bring a lot of stuff in them as your character can swim just fine.

If this does become a thing I would expect a significant cost to doing it (20+ rusty gears per km or something similar).

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As for me, the situation with far traders could be fixed as some enquiry or request, which you could leave at every trader near you. Game would then generate some waiting time (according to distance from another traders) and after that time you could come and pick up the stuff you asked for.
ATM traders  are already changing their offer after some time. Why couldn't it include some stuff you asked for then ? 
That would seem more logical as you could imagine trader wen't for your goods instead of you, while you can do other things waiting for your order. :)

P.S. Also, if the time generated would be small, it would be a nice clue that the specialized trader you need is not so far, that way suggesting you to look for him near. :)

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