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Hare domestication?

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While hares cannot be domesticated, the wiki states that you can capture and breed them with the right conditions. 




I would highly recommend the Animal Cages mod, it is one of my favorites!


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It would be great to be able to domesticate the hares! ❤️ But... for whatever reason, we still can't.

"feed them by throwing edible vegetables or grain at them. A female will need to have eaten 10 portions before it’s satiated and ready to mate." Okay, that's in the wiki, but is it actually in the game? Since I heard that rumor, I tried it a couple of times, and the hares never react at all to vegetables even when then land directly where the hare is, and after some time, they simply despawn. As expected, because throwing stuff at animals to feed them just doesn't make much sense. Especially when it's animals that run away from you. And I've never seen the info how many portions a hare has eaten either.

So, do I do something wrong, or is it a mod and someone added that to the wiki though that should be only for vanilla, or... ?


Update 1:

Okay. Now I've seen one male hare eating one carrot. Great. After I threw in maybe 7 and again 4 after those were gone this time. And still no info about portions eaten. This is rather a weird easter egg or something that was added for testing and then forgotten or whatever, than actually a good way to breed hares. And that, instead of being able to domesticate them.... *sigh


Update 2:

5 more carrots, one eaten by the male hare, no info about portions eaten, and then the other 4 carrots despawned.


Not gonna waste more time watching carrots.

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I have heard that planting crops in and among the hares will feed them portions as well. I’m not 100% sure, I’ve not really played with it enough. With regular breeding, animals can mate up to 10 blocks away, even through fencing. You might try separating males and females and putting planted crops in with the female. I had these same questions some time ago before deciding it was better to just catch wild hares using the cages mod rather trying to actually breed them, but I may come back to it again later. I hope you find this helpful. 

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But that's the point. You can just have some crops somewhere with trenches around it, and have more than enough hares if you just want the meat and stuff. And the hares don't even have to get to the crops and eat them. That hares apparently might sometimes eat a carrot that you threw somewhere if it doesn't despawn first is not a real feeding or breeding mechanic.

And of course that still has nothing to do with being able to have hares as pets that are not scared and don't want to run away when you get close to them.

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17 hours ago, Malfiros said:

I have heard that planting crops in and among the hares will feed them portions as well.

Yes, I can confirm this, but if this has some kind of effect on breeding, I'm not sure.
There is no information about this. I don't believe that, but it can work as a trap :)

Maybe someone with more experience, or developer could say.

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