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Questions on Milking Sheep

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Hey there gang! 
So I have a wild captured ram and ewe. I’ve successfully bred this wild pair and the ewe has recently given birth. In her tooltip panel it says she can be milked but it will cause her to become aggressive. She’s penned in nicely and I can access her from a couple blocks above with my bucket. 
The problem I’m having is whenever I try to milk her, I get the animation and sound effects for milking, but am getting nothing in the bucket. Immediately after trying to milk her the tooltip says she’s too stressed to be milked, then about one second later it says she can be milked but will become aggressive again. This happens repeatedly no matter how many times I try. What’s the deal?

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That's the deal. She does not really become aggressive, she just refuses the bucket. So, as soon as you have the message "stressed", release the action, wait for the message "can be milked", and you can repeat until success. Sometimes, that can be very long, but most of the time, you can have milk this way. If you still try when you have the message "stressed", you'll ruin the process.

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