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Berry bushes stuck in "will flower in 4 days"

Ender Riens

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Not winter. Brand new world, first in-game month or two, none of the berries I plant are progressing.

The wiki says "Berry Bushes flower only during Spring, Summer and Autumn. In Winter, their growth is completely halted, even if put in a greenhouse. It will constantly show 'Will Flower in 4 Days, weather permitting.' even if the weather is not permitting." The last sentence perfectly describes my problem, though it is currently not winter. The area I am in is relatively warm (30-39C).

The only two explanations I can figure are:

A) Berry bushes have a maximum heat tolerance I did not know about before (as far as I know, berries grow in any temperature or climate. Temp/climate only affects their generation).

B) It's a bug.

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