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How to obtain cracked storage vessels for traders?

Coleman Bundy
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You can potentially buy them from other traders and sell them for profit? To be fair, I've not checked if that works with cracked vessels, but there are several other trade goods with which that works.

Additionally, the Malefactor has a chance for a cracked vessel to drop itself instead of its contents. That way you can make a few extra gears on vessels which no longer contain anything interesting to you.

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You can buy them from the Treasure Hunter then resell them to Commodities for a huge profit.
Malefactor can pick them up but it's such a low chance it may as well never happen.
Still, if you manage to get one, you'll be able to sell it for a healthy 10 gears.

EDIT: It's the same deal with wolf pups and other unobtainables: Find the shop that sells them then resell for a profit.
The wiki has all the trades documented. Clothing is especially good for reselling, though pretty risky. Colored Glass is slow but safe.

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