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World Config - Temporal Storm Duration


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The wiki doesn't explain the range for the world config option to change temporal storm duration. The default is 1 but if I want the storms to be half as long, do I set it to 0.5, or to 2? Some of the commands seem a bit counterintuitive so I want to check.

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That is one thing I wish would be more standardized.  By that I mean that the Worldconfig parameter values can vary widely from one setting to another. For example:

  • toolDurability seems to be a percentage value ([0-99]), but the default value is 1.
  • surfaceCopperDeposits ranges from [0-5], with the default value of .1
  • propickNodeSearchRadius ranges from [0-12], with a default of 0

Now, natural growth and maturity of the code base certainly explains why some are set one way and newer values are set another.  Devs are certainly allowed to change their minds, and perhaps this is what these varying ranges of values indicate. That said, the variability strikes an odd note in my mind and makes it harder to get a real feel for them.

Then again, I've been exposed to too many RPG's with mandatory and consistent numerical ranges, and perhaps that's clouding my viewpoint. 😉




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On 10/31/2021 at 4:15 PM, David Spake said:

propickNodeSearchRadius ranges from [0-12], with a default of 0

This one's very straightforward: it's the radius of the search space, in blocks. So a setting of 8 searches a 17x17x17 cube.

I think the toolDurability value is a multiplier, not a percentage, and I suspect the surfaceCopperDeposits is a percentage or fraction of some type (i.e., it's representing some kind of absolute value, not "difference relative to the default").

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