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WIP - Vintage Story Lore Ideas


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Ah, that's an interesting take on the drifters, although I think maybe there's too much focus on "intellectual deficiency". Assuming the Eternals are human-like in appearance, I would assume the drifters have a lot of problems going on. On that topic, there's a heavy dose of social darwinism here, which is something that should probably be approached rather carefully. Not saying it needs to be avoided altogether, but it can get really bad really quick if you're not careful with how you handle it. My question for you here is, who or what is the player? Seems like the timeline is setting up a big revival coinciding with the start of the game. Are you seeing this whole concept as more of a mythology or an actual history? As in, would you say all this actually happened or would you say it's merely society's beliefs? The biggest difference I see between the two is that one option leaves room for present interaction with the Eternals and the Pantheon in-game. 

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Hey Luk, thanks for taking a look at my ideas on lore. To answer your question regarding whether I had envisioned it myth or actual history: I was going with actual history. My design had the player a second or third generation descendant of the last of the Eternal refugees who had fled the old world before society collapsed. The drifters are what remains of thousands of years of degeneration of some of the Eternals. Regarding the social darwinism thing, I simply meant to demonstrate that for reasons unknown the gods/creator beings grew silent and as a result the Eternals began to know fear and uncertainty and act more like humanity as we know it, arrogant, fearful, imposing their will on others, etc etc. Some became completely lost to the "eternal fire" as a result became this new subspecies. I'm not married to that idea but I thought it could present some interesting scenarios. It could remain a mystery as to how why this occured or it could be blamed on a specific figure; ala Lucifer, Melkor, Sargeras etc.. It's a common mythological type, trope? Not sure if that's the appropriate word but hopefully you follow me.

The premise of the current VS time frame: The player awakens to into the VS world not knowing where it is they are from, where they are now, or how they got there. Through survival, exploration and the process of learning skills, hunting, farming, building etc they uncover bits and pieces of a massive mosaic of lost history. They only ever see the fragments of forgotten beliefs and technologies. The player is left to draw their own conclusions based on what they have found and/or "unlocked". They can decide to seek out more of these clues or just move on. I never envisioned an "ah ha!" moment where everything is revealed. 

Using the Pantheon as plot device could prove helpful in many ways. For example: I envisioned things like, world gen'ing, at very rare frequency,  a small altars to the various deities or powers. Very basic stuff like a shrine to Gaia, a couple of blocks situated together with a earth-mother statue carved or rendered on it. A circular area around the altar of highly fertile soil and various crops growing. Maybe a loot cache with a low durability hoe. A stone tablet at the site reads: "With the blessings of the Earth-Mother, I honor the lands that sustain me." etc...

Any way, I'm rambling. After writing all this down and ruminating on it a few days, letting my mind go on tangents about the story, I think it could even be possibly utilized as not the core game lore but instead a heavily themed modpack, complete with quests and unique recipes, items, and mechanisms. I believe it has that kind of potential honestly. one could go as far as they wanted or take as little or as much as they saw fit with such a wide ranging mythology.

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