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CaveContent- Filling up the caves


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Cave content is a mod designed to make the caves a little less boring, my hope is to one day make sure every cave you explore have more than just bare stone.

Works in old worlds, but you will need to explore newly generated terrain to see the new content. Locust and bell changes are global to all areas of the world no matter when they were generated.

Heres my patreon if you'd like to support me: Patreon

Currently cave content tweaks/adds:

New stuff-

  • Rot caves- At the deepest depths, the same rot that brought the end of the world still resides down there, dormant, It's aged so much it's no longer a direct threat to your healthy seraph as it only slows your movement speed by 25% when walked through, but it still makes for an eerie reminder of the past, drops rot when broken.
  • Compacted machinery- This strange ore seems to form uncommonly near the mantle, how these parts and gears got here is a complete mystery, what is clear is it offers a decent source of some rare components provided you have a decent enough pickaxe. Also drops temporal tinkerer parts with that mod installed.


  • Added 2 more variants to locust nest spawns, a huge and gigantic variant, this should make nests a little more common, but these are also much more deadly to come across.
  • Increased spawn rate of sawblade locust and the bell, since you will see more of them the sawblade locust has 5 less health and does 4 less damage.







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  • flipped generation chances of the huge and gigantic locust caves, and slightly lowered them. Now the slightly smaller nests will be more common than the huge ones
  • upped sawblade locust spawn chance a tiny notch
  • compacted machinery now has final drop enabled on plates and the temporal gear so you will only get one of those 3, plus any additional common items that may have rolled their chance alongside it. Also added stone pebble drops and slightly lowered common drop chances and upped uncommon drop chances. Should feel a little more consistently good to get drops from the ore now and a little less 0-100.
  • temporal tinkerer now adds ancient part piles to the drops of compacted machinery, meaning you can now get temporal tinkerer stuff from the ore, this patch is handled all on TT's side and CC does not need to be updated for these specific additions, only temporal tinkerer does.
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On 7/28/2022 at 2:43 AM, GenocideAgent said:

Does this mod work on 1.16.5? it doesn't say on the mod download page.

It's working fine on 1.16 even into 1.17 release candidates and should remain so when that gets released.

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