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All my meat .. :(

Alessandro De Col

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i just finishing installing the new version 1.7.1.. all my meat the raw, the cooked, the one on the fire the 41 pieces in the chest....all turns in a white square object witha question mark on it... i was hungry!?


ALSO (i' m editing while i'm finding things) when i put log to create a fire pit the sound is doubled.

while i'm using the pickaxe sometimes i get a sprintburst (is intentional?) 

also sometimes i can see sparks and sometimes i dont...is my pc that cant keep up or is a graphical glithc?


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8 hours ago, Balduranne said:

Just use creative and give yourself the meat back


wait what?  it is a mod? or you mean enter some editor code? i mark NO CHEATS box so i dont know if i can use it (if that was the case)


2 hours ago, Tyron said:

Or copy and paste the remappings to fix them

ok i'll try this. - EDIT it WORK THANKS. why the graphic change so drastically from meat to pixellated brown stuff ( i love pixellated stuff btw)

how about the double sound im earing during log placement?

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