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Question about survival starting in colder region - No Reeds issue

Karel Vranovský

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So I recently figured out I would like to play the game in a state where it has a little more "bite" and the survival conditions are rougher. So I started a new playthrough, set the starting environment to cold (Not the icy-cold, just the one above temperate).

And it really is something. The landscapes are far more interesting, the atmosphere stronger, it all feels amazing, except... 

There are no reeds. They apparently don't grow in the colder regions of the world. At ALL. I traveled thousands of blocks to visit every single pond and lake on the map. I've restarted the game with different seeds. There are NO REEDS to be found anywhere.
Now, the issue is: as far as I can tell, Reeds are indisposable. You need them for all early-to-mid game inventory expansions (baskets, hunters backpacks), as well as early game storage items.
So I want to ask: How do you deal with this? Anyone has any experience? 

I've installed a backpack+ mod that adds grass bags which I suppose could help, and make all storage items clay jars, but for anything above that the reeds are still needed. Not to mention: Beekeeping. I can do without honey, but you need the damn wax for candles. Though I'm not sure if beens even exist in these climates either.

It feels odd that this resource is so absolutely vital to early game but has no alternative in the colder climates. Am I missing something? 

I could hope to find enough flax to make Linen bags, but in my 4 hours of looking for reeds, I haven't found any either. 

Is the game just kinda unplayable in colder environments? Am I getting extremely unlucky with the seeds? Are there any mods that allow alternative recipes for making bags?

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You can make hunter's backpacks instead. It takes a while for the pelts to cure, but it wouldn't be too bad. Clay storage would help too, as you said. Depending on how cold it is, it's quite possible you won't find any bees. I've gotten quite a few candles from panning bony soil though, so there is an alternative.


EDIT: Just remembered hunter's backpacks require reeds too... That is a pickle then. Flax should show up though, as far as I'm aware.

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3 hours ago, Gorfinhofin said:

EDIT: Just remembered hunter's backpacks require reeds too... That is a pickle then. Flax should show up though, as far as I'm aware.


I actually edited  the backpack+ mod a json and replaced the reed resource with rope (which I can make from the scarse, but present vines) and it seems to work! My very own first tiny mod version. I still feel like it's going to bit me in the behind soon, but I'll try to make it work. 

I still feel like it may be worth considering reballancing the game in the long run to make other biomes more viable. The vines and the rope resource in particular feel like they don't have any use in the current state of the game anyway... So I'll see how far I'll get. 

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9 hours ago, Maelstrom said:

This is one thing in VS that does NOT reflect reality when it should.  I live in an area that would be considered cold starting climate and there's cattails ALL OVER but vines are pretty much non-existent.

I'm not so much concerned with realism, but I think it would be good for the game to have alternate recipes that would make those regions viable without mods. If they don't want reeds in cooler climates: great - let us make hunter backpacks from something else. Like using more leather to make leather straps or something.

Every region should be viable, safe for maybe deserts without any oasis. Ideallly, every region should also have slightly different viable strategies. Having the game depened so heavily on a resource that is limited to half of the biomes is a problem. Each environment should encounrage new and creative ways of solving problem, but here, you are just locked out of basic options, and it is diminishing the fun.

I'm otherwise enjoying the cold climate playthrough a LOT. I find the world gen and the biomes exceptionally beautiful and the lack of some resources makes me get creative... but the Reed one is an issue because in vanilla, it does not give you an alternative for items that are more or less essential in early ages.

As a side note though: I did actually end up finding around 50 cattails. From cracked vessels in Ruins. But it was too late and too little...

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