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Starting world in colder area and no reeds

Sparkle Kitti

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Not a bug. All plants have certain defined climate conditions they spawn in. If these conditions are not present - for example, if it is too cold - the world generator will not place any. Cooper's reeds do not grow where it's cold, so this is working as intended.

As for the question of "but how are you supposed to play there then?" - I am not on the VS team, so I can only give my personal opinion. And said opinion is: "I don't know. You tell me!" ;) Perhaps the north is intended for those who enjoy a challenge, who want to see if they can make it despite the great limitations it places on them. I've seen screenshot galleries of a player who decided to settle in the permafrost zone, where there's continuous snow cover all year long, and the temperature never goes positive. They didn't ask "where are my reeds". They simply did whatever they could, just to see if it was possible. Or, perhaps the north isn't really intended for settling in at all yet. The game is far from feature complete, after all. The lower latitudes near the equator used to have a similar problem, where there was barely anything there to support more than minimum subsistence, until 1.15 came along and revamped jungles and greatly expanded the hot-climate options for crops. You can also see evidence that the north is still getting content added to it in the form of the polar bear, which is new in 1.16.

So, also not a bug. It's either working as intended as a challenge, or it's simply not fully implemented yet.

As for the massive fog - perhaps that is one of the weather options that are more likely to be selected where it is colder. For example, I've recently started a game a bit further south than usual, and I've noticed a marked increase in violent thunderstorms compared to the default temperate starting climate. My 1.15 world that I spent nearly three ingame years in had fewer thunderstorms in total than the first spring season in that warm, humid place. Weather is clearly climate-dependant. So I'd go out on a limb here and say: not a bug either.

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