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Armor and nutrition


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I had this idea for the eventual implementation of armor. Why is it that you always see big heavy strong people wearing plate armor and not the weaklings? Simple. It's not effective for them. Instead of being a benefit it becomes a detriment. What do I mean by this? In order for someone to use heavy armor effectively, they need to be strong enough to move around in such equipment at the same speed and as their lighter counterparts and the endurance to continue to do so. It makes no sense to go into battle with a weapon that you swing half as fast as your opponent and armor that tires you out after a few bouts. 

To that aim, I suggest a moment debuff relative to the effective weight of the armor such that lighter armors have less of a penalty than heavier armors. This penalty is reduced based on the player's nutrition level in a linear way such that someone who has a nutrition level high enough to eliminate the penalty for light armor may still have a penalty for heavy armor but more reduced than it is for a player who still has a penalty for light armors. The reasoning being those in better shape can bear the weight more effectively. 

I understand that this is not realistic. There are many realism holes that can be pointed out in this idea but it does fit nicely into VS. It gives another reason for having good nutrition. It enforces that RPG trope of heavy armor wears being tanky. 

Thanks for reading 

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Could scale well, depending.  I'm always wanting new reasons for players to fix better food.   This could play into that.  Do you see this as existing separately from a possible fatigue system?  Or is this kind of an idea for if a fatigue system with stamina bar is never implemented?

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